Tax Planning

Tax Saving Strategies
 that we recommend….

  • Accumulate assets for retirement
  • Estate Planning
  • Shift income by the use of gifting
  • Achieve the greatest benefit from your itemized deductions
  • Reduce taxes through employee benefit programs
  • Identify available deductions to minimize the taxes you pay

A Few Tax Saving Strategies that we like to use…

  • Max out your 401(k) and other retirement plans if you are in the higher tax brackets. Set up and contribute to a retirement plan
  • If self employed, hire your child if under the age of 18, avoiding employment taxes and reducing income for both income and employment tax purposes
  • Identify all eligible tax credits and assist in the application process to claim all allowable tax credits
  • Give appreciated property to charity
  • Invest in treasury securities and tax-exempt municipals
  • Accelerate capital losses and defer capital gains

Successful tax planning takes place prior to year-end or prior to the completion of the transaction.  With the use of careful tax planning and valid tax strategies we can structure the transaction to minimize the taxes paid and maximize the cash to you.